Vasati Pyramid Bronze


Vastu’s Vasati Pyramid is a design of sacred geometry, containing all 12 of the Vastu yantras which are magnified and projected into your space.

Once installed, this pyramid helps to realign your living space with the cosmic universal pulse.  It strengthens natural positive influences that give rise to a harmonious environment, good fortune and fulfilment of desire.



 The Vasati Pyramid- The ultimate space harmoniser

  • The most effective correction tool for the improvement of spatial energies is the Vastu Pyramid. The Vastu Veda Academy, has authentically developed the Vastu Pyramid after extensive years of research and development. The Vasati Pyramid’s unique effect is a synergetic combination of all Vastu correction tools.
  • The pyramid is a three-dimensional, relief-like representation of all the the Vastu yantras. In the centre is a transparent pyramid with a 7×7 cm basis, and combined with it are the Vastu Purusha and the Maha Purusha yantras. In the eight directions around the centre pyramid lie eight smaller pyramids with Vastu yantras beneath.
  • The pyramid is best installed in the centre of a house or room or on another energetic key point. This powerful pyramid can correct Vastu defects to a high degree without any analysis.

How does the Vastu Pyramid work?

The Vasati pyramid powerful effects penetrate problematic spatial energies using the following tools:

  • Yantras – A Yantra is an ancient powerful tool that is comprised of graphic energy which has a lasting influence on a room’s energetic quality. The three-dimensional combination of the twelve Vastu Yantras in the Vastu Pyramid are magnified and projected into your personal space, balancing subtle energies on the karmic and energetic levels that are out of alignment within your immediate environment.
  • Pyramids – The effects of the yantras are energetically intensified and projected into your building with the help of nine glass pyramids that are placed on top of them. There are eight representing the eight compass points and one larger one for the centre.
  • Mantras – Inscribed in the stone relief of the base plate are auspicious mantras. Vastu sacred mantras chanted daily or at time of installation of your Pyramid is the most important part of the installation ceremony, since they activate all your yantras within pyramid.
  • Vastu Purusha Mandala – In the centre of the Vastu Pyramid is a relief of the Vastu Purush Mandala.The Vastu Purush embodies the spirit of a building and is responsible for its well-being by restoring the balance of energy flow within it. The bigger central pyramid placed on top of this mandal further magnifies the projection of the Purush’s influence into the space where it is placed.


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    The Benefits

  • The pyramid thereafter becomes the energetic power centre of an entire building, supplementing to a large degree the missing natural influences required for a harmonious living space.
  • It strives to align your building with pulse of the earth.
  • It can correct Vastu defects to a high degree of 98% especially when combined with the Meru Chakra and Vastu yantras.
  • Old stagnant vibrations are dissipated as your space rejuvenates with positive vibrations on the energetic level.
  • This auspicious energy creates an environment in which you can open doorways to new opportunities of creativity, personal power, wisdom and abundance.
  • Succeed in the areas of your life that really matter to you- relationships, health, prosperity, fun, love, peace of mind and your spirituality.
  • Using the power of Vastu Sacred Mantras and it’s sacred geometry, the Vastu Pyramid becomes a portal for transforming your space, your energy, your life.

Puja in Your Home:  If you prefer your pyramid to be installed for you with an in depth ceremony then please contact us. You can have a beautiful, traditional installation ceremony; with bells, incense, lamps, water, conch shell, flowers, yak tail and peacock feather. It completes with a blowing of a conch shell, which dissipates negative energies. You can enjoy the cleansing and uplifting experience with your immediate family members and friends.

Additional Information:

Weight 3.80 kg (5kg shipping)
Dimensions 29 x 29 cm square

 Please contact me for shipping costs to your area                      

Additional information

Weight 3.80 kg
Dimensions 29 x 29 cm


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