The Vastu book- The Origin Of Feng Shui  


Here’s your Vastu Book

  Recommended reading for further insight on how to empower yourself in your space. This ancient science is tried and tested and now its your turn!

                                    By Marcus Schmieke                                 

  -ISBN 0-9527580-1-6


The Vastu Book; The Origin Of Feng Shui

Recommended reading for further insight

ISBN 0-9527580-1-6

 Learn the secrets of this ancient science of sacred space:

  • A deeper knowledge of Vastu principles reveals how our living arrangement is actually a reflection of our own individual energy field.
  • Empower yourself from the energies within your immediate environment  
  • Learn how to remove or minimise energy blockages, by adjusting the layout of your personal space.
  • Discover ancient Vastu tools such as mantras, yantras and both Pyramids: the Vastu Pyramid and the Meru Chakra
  • 144 pages, colour with graphs and charts  
  • Countless useful Vastu tips!

RRP £15.00             Marcus Schmieke shares a practical and scientific understanding of the principles of Vastu in this interesting book. 


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